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  1. Aurelaqua Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Vacuum, 10M Hose, Bonus Diaphram, White
    Aurelaqua Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Vacuum, 10M Hose, Bonus Diaphram, White
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Buy swimming pool cleanersonline on Mytopia, Australia's trusted home and lifestyle brand.

Your pool pump filter and chemicals are for cleaning the pool water, but what about the surface grime on the pool floor and walls?

When cleaning your swimming pool, you have to make sure that the swimming pool floor and walls, whether it is made of tiles, concrete, fiberglass, or other materials, are both scrubbed and vacuumed.

It must be cleaned weekly to keep your pool healthy and safe to swim in, enjoy, and share with family and friends.

You must skim leaves and other floating debris off the water, so you don't have to use a broom to sweep the floor when you drain your pool. You must also clear out your pool filter pump's strainer basket.

You must brush and scrub the floor and walls. Over a short period of time, algae and other water-loving sediments can build up on your swimming pool floor and walls. When left unattended regularly, these become harder and harder to clean. These must be scrubbed off every week during your regular swimming pool maintenance.

The swimming pool must also be vacuumed as part of your weekly regular swimming pool maintenance. A suction vacuum is the most practical and cost-efficient option for both home and smaller commercial swimming pools.

Swimming pool surfaces like fiberglass and quartzon can be damaged by using regular brushes. These kinds of swimming pool surfaces can be cleaned using silicone swimming pool cleaners.

The all-in-one AurelAqua Swimming Pool Cleaner is the ultimate in pool care. Your pool is a significant investment and deserves to be taken care of. Use this simple yet highly effective AurelAqua pool cleaner from Mytopia to achieve that sparkling clean swimming pool.

Suitable for in-ground as well as above-ground pools, the pool cleaners from AURELAQUA that are being offered at Mytopia will surely make your life easier.

Clean your pool in a breeze. Aurelaqua blue as well as grey/white cleaners are user friendly and highly efficient. With hydro-dynamic circular collar and increased Soft Silicon Skirt anti-stick suction power, algae, dirt and debris will be removed from the surfaces in an instant. Hours of family fun in a clear sparkling swimming pool will be achieved as the products are also designed with a Barracuda Diaphragm to make it more effective in vacuuming dirt from concrete, quartzon, tile, fibreglass and pebblecrete-made pool.

If you are looking for an ultimate plug and play cleaning solution, then the AurelAqua Pool Cleaners are the ones for you.

Aside from swimming pool cleaners, Mytopia is home to Swimming Pool Covers, Swimming Pool Filter Pumps, easy install Spas, and Swimming Pool Ladders to help you and your family enjoy sparkling blue pool water. Also being offered at the store are the high quality and classy style Inflatable Spas to help you have a better quality time with your loved ones.

When shopping for your swimming pool cleaners in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or any other city in Australia, Mytopia will satisfy all your swimming pool cleaning needs.

Watch out for Mytopia's products on sale. We put up items for sale to highlight different seasons and needs. We make sure we keep rolling out the best stocks with the best prices.

Our swimming pool equipment for sale are backed by a 12-month private household warranty and 3-month commercial warranty. Mytopia guarantees fast and easy delivery anywhere in Australia, whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Adelaide, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, and Tasmania.

Mytopia is your number 1 online destination for quality home and lifestyle products in Australia. We are a proudly Australian-grown business. Our offices and warehouses are based in New South Wales.

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