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  1. T-REX Chain Breaker Tool 3in1 Riveter Presser Motorcycle BMX Bike Bicycle
    T-REX Chain Breaker Tool 3in1 Riveter Presser Motorcycle BMX Bike Bicycle
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A chain breaker is one of the most helpful tools for handymen or even for bicycle and motorcycle owners like you. One of the most online reliable brands in the Aussie market, TREX has released a great line of chain breaker and tools for easy chain riveting, breaking and pressing. Offered with an easy to understand user manual, bike owners can surely maximise its use and save themselves hundreds of dollars from unplanned chain replacement.

A perfect trade tool for DIY mechanics and professional technicians, TREX Chain Breaker and Tools are designed from topnotch materials for unbeatable strength. On top of that, the chain breaker is also equipped with several outstanding features such as hardened breaking tips and precision press plate to easily break different chain types. To sweeten the deal, a compact hard case is being offered along the chain breaker so you can easily take it on the road with you.

Worried about its durability? Shrug off that worries today! TREX Chain Breaker is made from carbon steel so it could definitely withstand high stress and pressure levels and could surely last for years. With 12-month warranty provided at Mytopia, you can rest well knowing that this is a high quality product and designed to meet Aussie standards.

Level up your DIY experience! Be the professional mechanic that you want to be! In addition to chain breaker and tools, Mytopia also offers superior quality equipment and accessories for your DIY projects. Developed by the most dependable online brands in Australia, have the finest Motorcycle Lift Jacks, Motorcycle Stands, Wheel Jockey and 4WD Jack & Accessories delivered at your doorstep.

Order the compact and reasonably priced TREX Chain Breaker now and have a new addition to your tool box! Check out the rest of our products and get a good deal from Mytopia when you order today!