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  1. POLYCOOL 12L Commercial Slush Machine Single Tank, Quality Donper Compressor, Frozen Slushy Juice Maker
    POLYCOOL 12L Commercial Slush Machine Single Tank, Quality Donper Compressor, Frozen Slushy Juice Maker
    Regular Price $1,599.00 Special Price $1,299.00 $2,599.00RRP
  2. POLYCOOL 36L Slushie Machine Granita Commercial Slush Maker Slushy Juice
    POLYCOOL 36L Slushie Machine Granita Commercial Slush Maker Slushy Juice
    Regular Price $3,198.00 Special Price $2,799.00 $4,499.00RRP
  3. POLYCOOL 24L COMMERCIAL Slushie Machine Granita Slush Maker Slushy Juice
    POLYCOOL 24L COMMERCIAL Slushie Machine Granita Slush Maker Slushy Juice
    Regular Price $2,198.00 Special Price $1,899.00 $2,999.00RRP
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Slushie Machines Australia

Cool your senses and serve calming and refreshing drinks this summer. PolyCool has entered the Aussie market and launched an outstanding terrific line of slushy machines to soothe you. Available in 24L and 36L models, these machines are a must to serve ice cold daiquiris, fresh smoothies and other satisfying frozen drinks to your guests.

Commercial Slushie Machine: Quality and Durability You Can Trust

Whether for commercial or personal use, PolyCool Slush Machines won't fail you. These are fashioned from BPA-free components to ensure that the Aussie industry hygiene standards are met. These machines are durable with the highest reliability  Featuring shock-proof containers as well as high-quality Secop Compressors offering German engineering precision for unrivalled longevity even in the tough Australian environs market ecop compressor. 

Expand your customer network and add traffic to your business by adding regular  and virgin cocktail slushie drinks to your menu. Featuring a stylish stainless steel finish design, these commercial slushie machines can be integrated with any store design. Perfect for store counters, you can quickly and confidently serve over 100 cold drinks to your customers. With easy-to-use operation, switching from juice mode to slush mode can be done with the flip of a switch in no time.

Save yourself from the hassle of dealing with ice blockages with our commercial slushie machines. The freezing drums feature dual beaters to prevent ice from building up in the containers eliminating the need to regularly check up on the progress of your icy drinks. With containers lit by LEDs, our range of slushy machines for sale are the perfect addition for any business allowing users to easily  see if your icy-cold granita, juices and frozen drinks are ready to be served. 

Elevate Your Business with Commercial Slushie Machines from Mytopia

Boost your earnings and become the go-to destination for customers by serving delightful, chilled and frozen drinks crafted with PolyCool Slush Machines. The Australian heat is no match for the cooling power of our state-of-the-art commercial slushie machines. For Businesses looking to enhance their offerings further, browse Mytopia's full range of Kitchen Appliances for your operation. Our Commercial Blenders,  Deep Fryers, flat top and Induction Cookers are designed to streamline your culinary efforts, offering an unparalleled dining experience that keeps customers coming back.

Take advantage of our curated selection to buy a slushie machine that perfectly suits your needs. With our 12-month warranty, you can invest with confidence. Adding a PolyCool Slush Machine to your lineup is a game-changing move that can revolutionise your business offerings.


What Sizes of PolyCool Commercial Slushie Machines for Sale Are Available?

PolyCool offers slushy machines in two convenient sizes: 24L and 36L models. These options cater to commercial operations and home entertainment needs, providing a wide range of options for anyone looking to buy a slushie machine in Australia.

Are PolyCool Slushy Machines Compliant with Australian Hygiene Standards?

All PolyCool commercial slushy machines are built with BPA-free materials to meet Australia's stringent hygiene requirements. This makes them a reliable and safe slushie machine option.

How Durable Are PolyCool Commercial Slushie Machines?

Built to last, PolyCool commercial slushie machines feature high-quality secop compressors and shock-proof containers. Their durability makes them an excellent long-term investment, whether you're looking for slushy machines for sale for commercial or personal use.

Do These Commercial Slushy Machines Come with a Warranty?

Yes, every PolyCool commercial slushie machine for sale from Mytopia comes with a 12-month warranty, offering peace of mind with your purchase.

Are These Slushy Machines Versatile for Both Commercial and Home Use?

The versatility of PolyCool slushy machines makes them suitable for various settings, from cafes and convenience stores to home entertaining, parties and gatherings.

How Easy Is It to Switch Between Juice and Slush Modes?

Switching between modes on your PolyCool slushie machine is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Whether you're operating a commercial slushie machine or using it at home, changing modes takes minimal effort.

What Kinds of Drinks Can I Make with a PolyCool Slushie Machine?

PolyCool's versatile functionality makes it an ideal cocktail slushie machine for home entertaining, parties, events and more. From refreshing fruit smoothies to a broad spectrum of alcoholic slushie concoctions, the machine enables you to cater to a wide range of beverage preferences.