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11 Product(s)

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Purchasing a Treadmill? HPF Treadmills are built for your world, designed to suit any fitness level with speeds ranging from 1-22 KPH to help you get fitter, faster and stronger.

Don’t have storage space? All HPF Treadmills are lightweight, compact and easy to set making for quick effortless apartment and tight space storage.

Treadmills are one of the best cardio machines to provide a whole-body workout. By increasing your heart rate and blood circulation you improve your overall cardiovascular which assists not only to facilitate weight loss but improve heart health, increase metabolism, improve mental profile, and the management of diabetes.

Treadmills can be conveniently located within your home gym or office and are available in different designs and functions so you can find the perfect treadmill for you. HPF Treadmills are made from world class welded steel components making them among the strongest and sturdiest in the industry.

HPF Treadmills are smooth, quiet and built to last ensuring that you reach your fitness goals faster. Some of the features included on HPF Treadmills are easy-to-read LCD screens, pulse sensors for heart rate monitoring, quick selection buttons, grip belt, soft drop from folded stand, incline functionality, dual shock system, fitness program settings, speed settings, hand weights and compact folding for easy storage.

Purchasing a treadmill allows you to cover various types of training from injury recovery training, long distance and endurance training through to high intensity impact training and the HPF Treadmill will help you reach your fitness goals.

Mytopia also offers other home gym equipment. Improve your overall fitness with Cross Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Spin Bikes and Rowing Machines. Spur some muscle growth with Chin Up Bars, Weight Benches, Multi-Station Equipments and Dumbbells. Develop your flexibility with Yoga Balls, Vibration Machines  and Inversion Tables.

Transform your home gym today with HPF Treadmills. Delivered direct to your door!

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