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  1. Deluxe Pizza Oven Cover - Elite Fitted Weather Protector
    Deluxe Pizza Oven Cover - Elite Fitted Weather Protector
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Why would you settle for a ready to eat pizza in a box when you can bake a flavourful and healthy one on your own? Bond with your kids and make a few pizzas outside. With the new EuroGrille Pizza Ovens, spending outdoor time with your loved ones will be more enjoyable and memorable than before.

A perfect addition to your backyard or outdoor kitchen area, these portable ovens feature a timeless stainless-steel design that will surely suit any Aussie home and will still look modern for years to come. Designed with efficiency in mind, EuroGrille Pizza Ovens work as a plug-and-go system. Save yourself from the hassle of lighting wood and burning coals. Just connect the oven to an LPG tank, turn the electric ignition on, preheat it and voila! Your pizza will be ready in under 10 minutes.

Be the outdoor kitchen expert that you dream of. Included in the oven is a 12' cordierite ceramic stone to help you cook the perfect pizza with a fluffy and moist inner texture and a crunchy crust. Each one also comes either with a rack or a cast iron plate to allow you to roast pork and chicken, bake fish and explore other dishes.

Assessing the ovens' safety features? Worry no more. Each EuroGrille Pizza Oven is packed with an inbuilt thermometer and a temperature controller to allow the users to vary the heat depending on the dishes to be cooked. What's more? The vents and chimneys are designed backwards to ensure that smoke and heat are directed away from users.

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