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Regain your freedom and independence with EQUIPMED Mobility Scooters. Exclusively available online at Mytopia, EQUIPMED FreeRoam Electric Mobility Scooters offer a smart solution for improving your mobility. Remove unnecessary obstacles and enjoy a burden-free life with the most trusted online brand for mobility equipment.

Safety is the top priority with EQUIPMED FreeRoam. Approved by the TGA, FreeRoams feature anti-tip wheels and rear reflectors for maximum visibility. Not only are they made clearly visible, FreeRoams are also audible thanks to their sound horn, so you can alert the inattentive to your presence.

EQUIPMED FreeRoams can support occupants up to 110kg, and their practical design allows for a range of adjustments to ensure a comfortable journey. The handlebars, backrests and armrests are adjustable to cater to people of all sizes, and thick comfy padding ensures occupants travel in comfort.

With 16km travel ranges and top speeds of 7km/h, FreeRoams allow you to go wherever, whenever you want. Adjustable drink bottle holders, front storage baskets and straightforward assembly round up the many features that make EQUIPMED FreeRoam Electric Mobility Scooters the best on the market.

For all other aged care needs, check out Mytopia's extensive range of affordable and dependable Shower Stools, Walker & Rollators, Wheelchairs and Wheelchair Ramps. Reliability assured, all EQUIPMED Mobility Scooters are backed by an Australian standard warranty for private use. Mytopia guarantees fast and easy delivery to all corners of Australia, whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or the Outback.

Roam free and buy an EQUIPMED Mobility Scooter today.