• Aduro

  • Aurelaqua

  • Avante

  • Baumr-AG

    Baumr-AG chainsaws, lawn mowers and log splitters have been sold online in Australia for over 10 years, with hundreds of thousands of products being sold all over Australia. Baumr-AG products are manufactured and tested to high quality standards specifically for the Australian market. When you buy a Baumr AG, you’re buying smart and directly from the manufacturer. Cut out the expensive middlemen and save hundreds on your next chainsaw, lawn mower, stationary engine, log splitter and more. Baumr-AG products are all backed up by a comprehensive 12-month manufacturers warranty and a full range of spare parts to keep your product running for years to come. Buy smart, buy a Baumr.

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  • Bio-Design

  • Blu-Tec

  • Bromic

  • Bullet

  • Bullet Off Road

  • Bullet Pro

    Bullet is a specialist Australian Four-Wheel Drive accessories brand.  Our efforts are focused towards producing and distributing a comprehensive range of high-quality Bar, Spot and Flood Driving Lights, 4WD Snorkels, Vehicle Loading Ramps and Recovery Gear to enthusiasts across the country.  Being prepared is the golden rule in 4x4, and having the right gear by your side makes you all the more capable of overcoming the unexpected.  Bullet offers quality, practical and resilient equipment that helps you negotiate heart-pumping obstacles and roll right over sticky situations.

    At Bullet, we’re passionate about getting absorbed in the outdoors and checking out what this marvelous land has on offer.  Australians are blessed with a vast abundance of off-road destinations to explore.  Even coming out from our major cities, exciting terrain isn’t far away.  Our goal is to make experiencing these locations more attainable and enjoyable with the products we offer.  So whether you’re getting off the beaten track to compete, to unwind or for adventure, you’ll be thankful to have Bullet 4WD equipment to accompany you.

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  • Carson

  • Craig

  • Disney

  • Dr. Dunk

  • E-Guard

  • E-Power

  • Effleur

  • Equipmed

  • EuroChef

  • EuroGrille

  • Fuji-Micro

  • G&P

  • Gecko

  • Genforce

  • HPF

  • Jet-USA

    Jet-USA is an established manufacturer of Pressure Washers, with a pronounced operation in the Australian market.  We provide high pressure cleaning solutions for a whole range of people, with a whole host of grit to eradicate. Our functional, high-performance product range caters to home heroes, professional perfectionists, and commercial clean freaks all over the country.  Because we’re heavily focused towards a key category for well defined customer needs, we’re able to provide pressure washers that outperform consumer expectations, with unrivaled value.

    At Jet-USA we’ve committed ourselves to deliver two primary objectives.  Firstly, we strive to elevate cleaning.  We utilise a combination of proven and innovative engineering applications to create units that provide a superior cleaning experience for users.  Whether it be from ergonomic design, power, efficiency, user-friendliness or reliability, we aim to continually improve the way people are undertaking cleaning tasks.  Secondly, we’re aiming to achieve the impossible - to make cleaning stimulating!  Our pressure washers take away the tediousness and frustration from tackling grit, and turns it into a satisfying, remedial experience.  This is what we work towards, and why Jet-USA has become an established brand in Australian homes and businesses.

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  • Jetstream

  • Kingston Slumber

  • London Rattan

  • Mercedes Benz

  • Mini Cooper

  • Mitsukota

  • Mytopia

  • NeataPet

  • Nishiro

  • Optiwerx

  • Overdrive

  • Parts

  • PlantCraft

    PlantCraft is a leading producer of agricultural equipment, specialising in Tillers, Spreaders and Dump Carts. Following our entry into the market, we’ve had rural property owners, commercial operators, councils and domestic gardeners all over Australia taking advantage of the benefits of PlantCraft equipment. We’ve adopted ideas from all of these segments to design products that meet the brief across a whole range of applications. Our products are designed to take the hard labour out of cultivating and gardening in Australian conditions. All PlantCraft equipment has been manufactured with a few key principles in mind. At our crux, we aim to deliver products with purpose. This means we place practicality and usefulness at the foundations of what we do. Following this, our products are designed and manufactured to an exceptional standard of quality. From ultra-durable materials to state-of the art mechanics, you can rest assured that your PlantCraft product is a cut above the rest. Our final commitment is to offer our range directly through specialist online distributors, so that we avoid middlemen markups and our prices remain extremely competitive. To put it simply, we deliver practical, quality and affordable agricultural equipment directly to you. It’s not rocket science - it’s agricultural ingenuity.

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  • PolyCool

  • Proflex

  • Protege

    Protege is an Australian company that specialises in the production of Water Pumps and Garden Sprayers. Whether it’s for commercial or domestic purposes, we’re providing quality and affordable liquid transfer solutions to the market.  Using the latest in centrifugal impeller technology, Protege develops high-performance diesel, petrol and lithium powered pumps and weed sprayers that make the lives of our customers easier, safer and more economical.

    Being an Australian company, we understand the need for rugged products that can be depended upon in harsh climates, and as such we provide leading fire-fighting pumps and water transfer pumps for flood recovery.  Protege appreciates that Australia naturally demands its population becomes increasingly water wise.  More than ever we need to be able to properly utilise this precious resource in the best possible way.  Because of this, we aim to deliver solutions that enable Australians to access and distribute our water effectively and sustainably.  All Protege products are developed with this key mindset.  Our pumps and sprayers have purpose, reliability, and leading performance built into them, so when you purchase Protege rest assured that you’re getting great value and buying smart.

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  • Red Track

  • Replica

  • Rovo Kids

  • Seacliff

  • Simtech

  • Striker

  • Tag-Along

  • Thermomate

  • thomson

  • Trigear

  • Up Shot

  • Valk

  • X-Cell

  • Xiaomi

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