Rabbit Hutches

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Searching for a perfect outdoor home for your bunnies? Neata Pet is here to save the day. Designed to protect your rabbits from sudden weather changes and possible predator attacks, its Rabbit Hutch will surely provide great comfort and optimal space that you need for your pets.

Carefully made from high quality glazed timber and finished with eco-friendly paint, the Neata Pet two story design small rabbit hutch can accommodate up to three of your pet bunnies. Let your furry pet hop around and enjoy. It has a built-in non-slip ramp that is connected to a cozy hutch where the bunnies can have a protected retreat while enjoying a tasty hay or fresh grass.

Developed with safety in mind, the structure has a lockable hatch that can be securely closed off whenever you need to confine your pets inside. Another advantage of this hutch over other pet structures in the market is that it is user friendly for pet parents. With several doors and a fitted full-size pull out tray, pet owners can easily clean the hutch when needed.

Whether in your backyard or lawn, the Neata Pet Rabbit Hutch will surely add beauty to your place as it is stylishly designed to fit any Aussie outdoor space. Durability will also not be a problem as it has a solid weatherproof roof that can last for a long time.

Check out Neata Pet products and provide the best care to your furry friends. Use this rabbit hutch along with the other spacious pet homes available at Mytopia. With its high quality Chicken Coops, Dog Kennels and Cat Trees & Scratchers, you can sleep well knowing that your lovable pets are comfortable, safe and secured at their own place.

Order and purchase any of these top of the line items now and get a 12 month warranty on us! 

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