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Mytopia is home to two Neata Pet Chicken Coops that are guaranteed to give customers a bang for their buck. Made from high quality and durable materials like fir wood and asphalt, these chicken coops will surely give chickens the protection they need from the harmful effects of heat, cold, wind and rain.

Neata Pet Chicken Coops come with wire mesh enclosure that creates a secure environment for chickens to peck, scratch and strut. Designed to be locked tightly all day long, these products can safeguard chickens even from the nasty, unforgiving and unpredictable elements of nature as well as predators alike. Furthermore, the stylish design makes them a perfectly pleasant addition to any backyard out there.

Unlike any other chicken coop, Neata Pet Chicken Coops are very easy to clean and maintain. They include a raised slatted floor and a special slide-out tray to facilitate the removal of litter. You will also like the laying space because it is highly accessible via the hinged roof and flip-top lid. Another great feature is the integrated planter box, which can be filled with soil and planted with edible plants.

When you buy these chicken coops online, you can also provide a safe and secure home for other animals as well including guinea pigs and rabbits. The spacious design of each product can house as many as five chickens. The more natural environment that these products provide also allows chickens to roam freely and event hunt for insects. Forget about excessive heat as this will never be an issue with the chicken coops’ solid timber construction with pitched roof.

The next time you purchase chicken coops in Sydney, Melbourne or any other location in Australia, don’t forget to visit Mytopia for other high quality pet products. We also sell Dog Kennels, Cat Trees, Aquarium Filters and Rabbit Hutches.

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