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  1. PRE-ORDER PROFLEX Aluminium Pilates Reformer Machine, Stretch Bed with box and jump board accessories
    PRE-ORDER PROFLEX Aluminium Pilates Reformer Machine, Stretch Bed with box and jump board accessories
    $2,199.00 $3,899.00RRP
  2. PRE-ORDER PROFLEX Wooden Pilates Reformer Machine, Stretch Bed with box and jump board accessories
    PRE-ORDER PROFLEX Wooden Pilates Reformer Machine, Stretch Bed with box and jump board accessories
    $1,799.00 $3,299.00RRP
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Buy Rowing Machines on Mytopia, Australia's leading home and lifestyle brand.

Want to work out but you have no time and budget to go to the gym? With the PROFLEX Rowing Machines, you can now achieve the body you've always wanted right at the comfort of your very own home. No more expensive memberships and time-consuming travels to the gym. They are designed to boost your cardio, aerobic endurance and muscular strength for a happier, healthier and better-looking you.

What's even great is that the PROFLEX Rowing Machines have less impact on your joints. Unlike high-impact sports and activities, rowing is nice for your knees and ankles. It is also very effective in shedding fat and burning calories because your entire body is at work. The PROFLEX Rowing Machines are perfect for individuals recuperating from injuries and those with weak joints.

The PROFLEX Rowing Machines keep you toned and fit by targeting major muscle groups including the abs, back, arms and legs. With utmost convenience and efficacy in mind, they are packed with carefully planned and designed features. The contoured foam seat combines comfort and smooth gliding, while the row handles are padded to keep your hands soft even as you workout.

The PROFLEX Rowing Machines feature a convenient LCD display which accurately tracks the workout time, calories burned and stroke count. The adjustable resistance levels enable users to carefully choose their workout intensity. Other things to like about these exercise machines are the gripped footholds with adjustable straps, the transport wheels for manoeuvrability and the foldable design for easy storage.

Target a workout to achieve your goals or combine different machines to maximize your exercise in the comfort of your own home or office with fitness equipment from Mytopia.

Fitness equipment and machines available on Mytopia include treadmills, ellipticals, cross trainers, exercise bikes, spin bikes, flywheel bikes, and rowing machines.

Mytopia has a wide range of fitness equipment that can provide you with your very own home-based gym! You can cross off gym membership, gas, and other expenses when you opt to work out at home with your own gym and fitness equipment.

Mytopia carries trusted fitness equipment brands like PROFLEX, VALK, TAG-ALONG, NISHIRO, and more.

Mytopia is a one-stop-shop for Cardio Equipment, Bicycles & Accessories, Gym & Weight Equipment, and Fitness Accessories. Exercise indoors and outdoors with our range different equipment, whether it be Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Exercise Bikes & Rowing Machines to put some terrain in your workout.

When shopping for exercise bikes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or any other city in Australia, Mytopia will satisfy all your fitness equipment needs. Mytopia is your one-stop fitness warehouse shop!

Watch out for Mytopia's exercise bikes on sale. We put up items for sale to highlight different seasons and needs. We make sure we keep rolling out the best stocks with the best prices.

Our exercise bikes for sale are backed by a 12-month private household warranty and 3-month commercial warranty. Mytopia guarantees fast and easy delivery anywhere in Australia, whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Adelaide, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, and Tasmania.

Mytopia is your number 1 online destination for quality home and lifestyle products in Australia. We are a proudly Australian-grown business. Our offices and warehouses are based in New South Wales.

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