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Paddle Boards

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Planning to enjoy enthralling activities the great outdoor offers? Shop at Mytopia for the best paddleboards today! Buy stand up paddle board and other types of paddle boards for all users—regardless of you being a beginner or a pro. Whether you want to enjoy river adventures or open-ocean cruise, we have one suitable for you from our wide selection of paddleboard.

We offer stand up paddleboard for sale covered by 12 months private household warranty and 3 months commercial warranty. Mytopia also offers fast and convenient delivery services for all cities and the outback of Australia. Shop for other items that satisfy any cravings for outdoor adventures too, such as inflatable kayak, underwater cameras, snorkels, trolling motors, trekking poles, as well as shooting and hunting gears among others.

Buy stand up paddleboard or other suitable paddle board from Mytopia now! Prepare for enjoying enthralling outdoor activities on the waters today.

Are you searching for the best inflatable paddle boards today? Or, do you want to buy stand up paddleboard Australia offers? You’re in the right place for a purchase!

We know your cravings for enthralling outdoor activities and we want to help you satisfy it. That’s why we in Mytopia offer support for any outdoor activities such as surfing, kayaking, and canoeing.  Buy stand up paddle board inflatable types for beginners and pro paddlers from our wide range of options. Whether you want to go on a river adventure or on an open-ocean cruise, we have one perfect for you.

When you buy a stand up paddleboard from Mytopia, you’d enjoy 12 months private household warranty and 3 months commercial warranty.  We also do fast delivery without any hassle for all cities and the outback in Australia. Be sure to have a look at the other outdoor gears we offer too such as trolling motors, golf buggy, shooting and hunting items, as well as quality inflatable kayak Australia offers.

Buy stand up paddle board or other items for your outdoor adventure from Mytopia today!

Mytopia sells a wide range of different stand up paddleboard in different styles and designs; especially those from the SEACLIFF brand. Shop around for inflatable stand up paddle board, level water paddleboards and passage level paddleboards. Mytopia also offer other water gears you need such as longboard, surfboard, board spread, kayak, raid boards and wetsuits among other items. Moreover, we sell stand up paddle boards for kids and teens since adult SUP boards are not suitable for them to enjoy the waters.


Use of Paddle Boards

Paddle boarding is a type of surfing wherein the person sits, lies or stands over the board, then uses his arms to paddle through the water.  But stand up paddling, canoeing or rowing is more popular today, which involves paddling an arm to the water while on the board. Commonly, stand up paddle boarding is practiced on still water, such as in canals, lakes or streams. But is common on white surfs as well.


Stand up paddle boarding is popular in coastal states all over Australia. And Mytopia wants to help you enjoy it today. We have an Australia-wide system of retail branches, which includes stand up paddle board gold coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, along with other key cities and CBD. Here you can buy stand up paddle board and other outdoor activity gear conveniently.


Learn what Paddle Boards are made of

You want to buy stand up paddle board with high quality, hence you should learn how to identify the right choice. The best SUP boards are plastic fortified with glass using epoxy coating or polyester, with expanded polystyrene or polyurethane froth at the centre. But some quality SUP boards are made-up of empty wood.


Moreover, inflatable paddle board are available as well, which can expand from 8 to 12ft when inflated. It also sports useful features such as inward convex and cushioning layers.


There are generally three types of paddle boards according to difficulty as well. First, short if you want to buy stand up paddle board, you should go for short boards. Second, if you aim for better flexibility, buy an intermediate-sized board. And finally, race boards which are usually around 12ft 6in to 14ft offer high speed, and are commonly made-up of carbon fiber or fiberglass. Be sure to check product description and specification before making any purchase for more details.


Other Boards for Watersports available at Mytopia

Aside from paddle boards for sale, Mytopia also offers surfboards and body boards. These boards also come in different designs, styles and sizes, so you’d surely find suitable options for beginners and pro. Just check out the boards we offer for water sports to see what you can buy.


After you buy stand up paddle board, be sure to get the right attire and footwear for your sports as well. Mytopia offers you the right attires for enjoying the water such as tops, shorts, rash guards and swimwear among other clothing. The right water shoes are available for better mobility on or off the water too.


Check the best boards, cheap inflatable kayaks for sale, apparel, shoes, and gears among your other needs here in Mytopia today—all on reasonable prices!


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