Underwater Cameras

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An Underwater Camera can be used in so many unique ways. They’re the perfect piece of equipment for underwater exploration, monitoring aquaculture, capturing underwater salvage and assisting in fishing, just to name a few. They’re also excellent for unhampered viewing underneath the waves. Or expand your horizons and explore underwater landscapes, submerged cave systems, shipwrecks, geological features, and so much more.

Visit Mytopia and you can do all these things when you purchase from our extensive selection of Underwater Video Cameras. Choose from any one of our quality Underwater Cameras, all of which come with varying specifications and features.

When you buy an Underwater Camera from Mytopia, you get a hard carry case for easy transport. It also protects the camera from harsh sea conditions. Each unit is easy to use, thanks to the quick access connections and power switches. You won’t miss a thing thanks to the high-quality LCD monitor with vivid colours.

Equipped with high-end technology, each underwater camera comes with a pull-resistant, cold-resistant and waterproof cable so you can extend your search for the best place to fish. With quality Sony CMOS sensor cameras and infrared LED lights, it’s possible to view objects with clarity even in murky waters. The camera can also be configured to explore either horizontally or vertically.

Unlike other online offerings, these products from Mytopia include bonus items such as float and clamp rings that are used to fix the cable within the fishing rod. Another notable feature is the high-quality lithium battery that can last for up to 810 hours.

If you’re buying an underwater camera in Sydney or any other Australian location, it pays to take a look at all the other great outdoor products that Mytopia has in-store. You’ll find Gazebos, Generators, Portable Showers, Portable Ovens, Solar Panels, Snorkels, Trekking Poles, Paddle Boards and so much more.

Order an Underwater Camera from Mytopia and discover what really lies beneath the water! 

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