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Provide the nourishment that your baby needs even when you are out for work or other important errands. For every mother's convenience and comfort, Bio has unveiled a line of Electric Breast Pumps to help them easily collect breast milk for baby feeding or for storage. Designed with safety in mind, Bio ensures that that the breast pumps are made from non-toxic plastic and are free from harmful chemicals such as phthalates and bisphenol-A.

Bio Electric Breast Pumps are easy to use and are designed to have an LCD with them for night or day operation. Equipped with a timer and an auto-remember feature, users can track the length of use as well as retain their last settings and be used for the current session. The ultra-soft silicone breast cup is also added for the maximum comfort of users during sessions.

In terms of efficiency, Bio has provided two modes for users. To activate mothers' milk flow, the massage mode can be used for gentle rhythmic stimulation. On the other hand, natural breast mode is offered for deeper suction pattern as it mimics the suckling of a baby.

Along with the breast pump are three sealable bottles so mothers can easily disassemble and assemble the items when needed. For easy storage, a base is also provided so mothers can secure the pump when not in use.

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Get the results that you need at the touch of a button. Purchase Bio Electric Breast Pump and get a 12 month warranty on us!


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