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Swimming Pool Covers

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23 Product(s)

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Introducing the Aurelaqua line of Solar Cover Pool Blankets, an exclusive offering from Mytopia. Definitely a must have for pool owners and those in the pool cleaning business, these products are here to help you save time, reduce evaporation and trim down maintenance costs.

Gone are the days of waking up to a dirty and unrecognizable pool full of debris, twigs and leaves. With the Aurelaqua Solar Cover Pool Blankets, having a neat looking and crystal clear pool is almost automatic. Not only that, you can effortlessly free your pool from unwanted elements such as dead insects, dust and dirt as well as pet toys.

The Aurelaqua Solar Cover Pool Blankets come with many innovative design and technological enhancements. Perfect for the Australian climate, they have built-in UV stabilisation and unique ripple design which eliminates water evaporation by more than 98%. With less cleaning required, you can have more free time to enjoy swimming with the family.

Using an Aurelaqua Solar Cover Pool Blanket, you can cut a pool’s chemical consumption. You need not worry anymore about unpleasant chemical reactions like sneezing, allergies and watery red eyes. It also reduces heat loss, making it more fun and enjoyable to swim as it keeps the water warm. Using it is very easy because it is lightweight enough even for kids to handle.

There are multiple reasons why you should go for an Aurelaqua Solar Cover Pool Blanket. Made of high quality LDPE, it is UV resistant, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and comes with genuine 400 micron bubbles. Each unit can also be cut to fit different pool sizes. More importantly, it can also help with safety by preventing anyone from directly falling into the water.

To complement your purchase, Mytopia also offer quality rollers that perfectly match the variants of the Aurelaqua Solar Cover Pool Blanket. You can also find other high quality pool and spa products including Pool Filter Pumps, Spas, Swimming Pool Cleaners and Swimming Pool Ladders.

Enjoy a super clean and crystal clear swimming pool. Order an Aurelaqua Solar Cover Pool Blanket today!

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