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Pool Filter Pumps

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Mytopia is place to find pool and spa filters and pumps online in Australia. Buy quality pool and spa filters and pumps, alongside other pool and spa equipment. Mytopia is continuously growing the range of its pool and spa series to be your one-stop shop for your swimming pool. Your very own pool and spa warehouse at the tip of your fingers.

If you’re looking for a filter pump for your pool or spa, you’ve come to the right place. Shop for Pool Filter Pumps on Mytopia. The store offers a selection of heavy-duty Pool Filter Pumps for keeping your pool or spa clean and sparkling.

Swimming pools need filter pumps to stay clean and healthy to swim in.

The job of the pool filter pump is to remove any dirt, leaves, residue, insects, loose threads, and any small items in your pool water.

It is also the job of the pool filter pump to make sure that the swimming pool water treatment chemicals are distributed well in the water to avoid the contamination of bacteria.

To do that successfully, you must make sure that the entire capacity of the swimming pool water passes completely through filter every 4 hours. Doing this keeps you pool water clean and ready for swimming and lounging fun year round.

The new Protege PS20 Series II Self-Priming 2000W Electric Swimming Pool Pump carried by Mytopia has a powerful capacity of up to 560 liters per minute. That's 33,600 liters per hour! With this capacity, this pool filter pump is great for commercial sized swimming pools.

As is the case with all Protege pumps, the Pro-flow series is constructed with longevity in mind and employs extensive use of corrosion proof materials along with all chemicals commonly associated with pool maintenance. The PS20 Series II can refresh up to a 100,000 Litre pool in less than 3 hours, making it ideal for most Aussie backyards - meaning if the capacity of your pool or spa is <100,000 Litres (average pool size) the Pro-flow series is ideal.

The Protege PS20 Series II Self-Priming 2000W Electric Swimming Pool Pump is compatible for both saltwater pools and chlorine pools. It employs the Advanced S-Tek Flow System for increased efficiency. You're assured that all water will flow will through the filter pump and come out clean!

The PS20 Series II takes care of cleaning, filtration and chlorine/salt distribution. It features a revolutionised removable strainer basket with a built-in thermal overload protection - as the water circulates and passes through the filter, it leaves your pool squeaky clean, free from leaves, hair strands, debris and other impurities.

The Pro-flow series is designed to work in harmony with both your filtering unit and pool cleaner (Kreepy Krawly) and will power along throughout the day. The fine filter basket ensures debris does not enter the pump, ensuring trouble free operation and extended life of filter sand.

Moreover, this latest Protege series features a thermoplastic filter cartridge and tank body, engineered to stand-up to pool salt, chlorine and a host of other regular pool chemicals.

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