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Lawn Mowers

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Mytopia is one of the Australian Largest Online Sellers of Lawn Mowers and other Garden Tools .

Mytopia are the exclusive online sellers of Baumr-AG Lawn Mowers. Baumr-AG Lawn Mowers are known for being sturdy, efficient and ergonomic with reliable performance providing exceptional value for money which makes Baumr-AG one of the most in demand lawn mower brands on the market.

Owning a Lawnmower is a part of our great Aussie culture, but gone are the days were you spend your weekends sweating over an old heavy lawnmower while being covered in grass clippings! Whether you have a big backyard, front yard or court yard to achieve a perfectly mowed lawn you need a lawn mower that can master all types of conditions. Mytopia lawn mowers range includes Electric, Battery and Petrol Lawn Mowers which are available in a convenient key start, self-propelled pull start and push option. Our lawnmowers are perfect for precision cutting with mulch & catch bags.

When choosing on the right lawn mower for you, firstly take into consideration the size of your lawn followed by the terrain type, your intended cutting frequency and personal capabilities. Court yards, small yards or those that have difficulty with operating garden tools may better suit an electric or battery powered Lawnmower.  Medium to large yards, rural properties and garden maintenance contractors that require more than frequent use would be better suited to a petrol powered lawnmowers.
Regular maintenance will ensure your electric lawnmower, battery powered lawnmower or petrol lawnmower gives you maximum performance every time. 

Lawnmower design and innovation is ever changing, at Mytopia we ensure to only stock the latest Baumr-AG lawnmowers and offer spare parts and accessories for previous models. All Edison’s lawn mowers are backed with a 12 month standard warranty and 3 month commercial warranty.

Lawnmowers are one of our top categories on Mytopia which is why we offer accompanying Garden Tools such as Pole Saws, Whipper Snippers, Hedge Trimmers, Brush Cutters, Leaf Blowers, Weed Sprayers and Compost Bins to assist you with all of your other gardening efforts.

Quality, Strong, Built to Last Baumr-AG Lawn mowers Lawn, Purchase Yours Today!

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