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When choosing a ladder, the most versatile are telescopic folding ladders. These store easily, should be made of quality materials, and is adjustable for every need.

Buy Bullet folding telescopic ladders to have that staple in your arsenal of home maintenance and garden maintenance tools.

A ladder never runs out of use in the home. You can use it in the kitchen, especially when you're maximizing your floor to ceiling storage space and have shelves and cabinets that are hard to reach. You can use ladders when you're cleaning gutters and roofs, so you can see any dirt you need to clean out and to get the extra boost to reach. You can use a ladder to reach trees and hedges for pruning and trimming your foliage. The uses for a ladder in the home are endless!

Tall ladders can be a pain to store. They can fall over if kept in full height in the garage, which can be a hazard for kids. If left outside, it will be exposed to moisture and will rust and decay quickly. That's why Bullet made its telescopic folding ladders series.

Why compromise your ladder's height for compact storage? Get the best of both worlds with telescopic folding ladders from the Bullet brand.

The ladder is a home must-have. Any homemaker will always have a need of a ladder for tough to reach nooks, crannies and heights. go farther with telescopic folding ladders.

When shopping for your next ladder purchase in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or any other city in Australia, Mytopia will satisfy all your ladder needs.

Watch out for Mytopia's products on sale. We put up items for sale to highlight different seasons and needs. We make sure we keep rolling out the best stocks with the best prices.

Our ladders for sale are backed by a 12-month private household warranty and a 3-month commercial warranty. Mytopia guarantees fast and easy delivery anywhere in Australia, whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Adelaide, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Mytopia is also home to other amazing and affordable garden tools and equipment. Choose from an assortment of Garden Lights, Garden Hoses, Compost Bins, Gate Openers and Ladders.

Mytopia is your number 1 online destination for quality home and lifestyle products in Australia. We are a proudly Australian-grown business. Our offices and warehouses are based in New South Wales.

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