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Set Descending Direction

49 Product(s)

Set Descending Direction

Stop sitting for long periods and create a well-balanced and health conscious environment with Avante Height Adjustable Standing Desks. Now you can say goodbye to heart disease, depression, muscle and joint problems, obesity and diabetes.

Avante Height Adjustable Standing Desks allow you to alternate between sitting and standing as you work. Because they keep your muscles active throughout the day, you can have the time to stretch and feel energized while you work. Aside from the potential health benefits, these sit/stand desks can even enhance the mood as well as increase productivity and efficiency.

With the ability to transform existing desks into sit/stand workspaces, Avante Height Adjustable Standing Desks are perfect for entrepreneurs, home offices, regular offices and small businesses. Available in sit standing desk riser and motorised desk versions, they provide you the option to choose the appropriate desks to satisfy your needs.

Avante Motorised Desks are packed with many great features which allow users to perform at their very best. Each comes with a convenient control panel, large work surface and adjustable rubber feet for maximum stability. The 45-minute timer is designed to remind users how long they have been sitting or standing. The smooth motorised height adjustment lets you choose from variations of three pre-set heights.

Designed to deliver a seamless adjustment experience, Avante Sit Standing Desk Risers are equipped with a two-tiered design, and each unit can accommodate two standard monitors. Offering five height options, each unit also comes with slots for mobile devices and tablets, a deep retractable keyboard tray and an adjustable lever for easy use.

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Convert your workspace in the most economic and practical way. Purchase an Avante Height Adjustable Desk today!

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