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Want to workout but you have no time and budget to go to the gym? With the ProFlex Rowing Machines, you can now achieve the body you’ve always wanted right at the comfort of your very own home. No more expensive memberships and time-consuming travels to the gym. They are designed to boost your cardio, aerobic endurance and muscular strength for a happier, healthier and better-looking you.

What’s even great is that the ProFlex Rowing Machines have less impact on your joints. Unlike high-impact sports and activities, rowing is nice for your knees and ankles. It is also very effective in shedding fat and burning calories because your entire body is at work. The ProFlex Rowing Machines are perfect for individuals recuperating from injuries and those with weak joints.

The ProFlex Rowing Machines keep you toned and fit by targeting major muscle groups including the abs, back, arms and legs. With utmost convenience and efficacy in mind, they are packed with carefully planned and designed features. The contoured foam seat combines comfort and smooth gliding, while the row handles are padded to keep your hands soft even as you workout.

The ProFlex Rowing Machines feature a convenient LCD display which accurately tracks the workout time, calories burned and stroke count. The adjustable resistance levels enable users to carefully choose their workout intensity. Other things to like about these exercise machines are the gripped foot holds with adjustable straps, the transport wheels for manoeuvrability and the foldable design for easy storage.

Mytopia is also home to other high quality home gym and fitness products. Complement your ProFlex Rowing Machine with Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Exercise Bikes and Spin Bikes. Achieve your other fitness goals with our Yoga Balls, Vibration Machines, Inversion Tables, Weight Benches and Chin Up Bars.

Say goodbye to fat and say hello to a healthier and better you. Purchase a ProFlex Rowing Machine today!


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