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The HPF Indoor Bicycle Trainer lets you enjoy your cycling workouts when outside conditions are not possible. Don’t let snowy winters, the unforgiving rains or the extreme heat of the sun interrupt your serious training. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just a regular fitness enthusiast, this is the secret to make your training as practical and comfortable as possible.

Unlike spin bikes and stationary bikes, the HPF Indoor Bicycle Trainer is more specific to your needs as it adheres to the training principle of specificity. It is completely safe to use and lets you ride away from heavy traffic. It also allows you to set resistance that only tough terrain and hills provide. Built with powder-coated rustproof steel frame, this product is designed to deliver that ultimate workout in terms of aerobic endurance and muscle strength.

The HPF Indoor Bicycle Trainer comes with a stylish design that can accommodate as much as 150kg. The adjustable handlebar gives you full control, allowing you to choose from six levels of magnetic resistance. Simple and durable, this one also has a quick rear-wheel release lever and a sturdy front-wheel floor platform for added stability. The current model is compatible with 700C, 26” and 27” wheels.

Because the HPF Indoor Bicycle Trainer lets you do everything inside the comforts of your home, you are free from the restrictive elements that have been stopping you from achieving your goals. Special features include a hand bar remote and a front wheel riser. Now you can train smarter and ride farther like never before.

In addition to bicycle trainers, Mytopia also offers a comprehensive lineup of fitness products which includes Exercise Bikes and Kids Bicycle Trailers. We also sell high quality Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Inversion Tables, Weight Sets and Benches, and so much more. Here you can also find Chin Up Bars, Vibration Machine Platforms, Yoga Balls, Car Bike Racks, Trekking Poles and Gym Lockers.

Increase your cardio endurance without having to worry about rain, hail or shine. Purchase an HPF Indoor Bicycle Trainer today!

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