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  1. Baumr-AG Parts Bin Trolley Service Utility Cart Storage Mobile Tool Workshop
    Baumr-AG Parts Bin Trolley Service Utility Cart Storage Mobile Tool Workshop
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Aussie garages are not just for storing vehicles, they are storage hubs for many items which can turn your garage into a disorganised mess. Baumr-AG and Bullet Pro Garage Storage Solutions & Warehousing can help organise your space without hurting your wallet.

Baumr-AG and Bullet Pro Garage & Warehouse Storage Solutions provide flexible space for various items from bikes & golf clubs to heavy machinery, auto spares, air compressors, stationary engines & more.

Designed to look great in any garage or warehouse, storage shelfs, racks, cabinets & storage bins are very easy to assemble, no bolts or screws needed, only a mallet to simply tap things into place. Sealed shelving makes for easy cleaning & the black powder coating is used for rust resistance. Other features include the adjustable shelving, cabinets, industrial strength steel & height-adjustable pull-out drawer.

Ideal for those in search of something more efficient and economical, all garage shelving has a complete ultra-durable frame, all Bin Racks come in various bin sizes and slots for the labelling of parts. Whether you're in a garage or at a workshop or warehouse, you can minimize the handling of parts, lessen assembly times, reduce and control inventories and boost production efficiency.

Other included features are our ultra-durable wall mounted peg board option with full-length deep drawers, tool holders and interlocking pins for added support & removal of shelf panels. The work benches include features like the interchangeable platforms, impervious steel shelf and the extra-long work space.

Mytopia also offers other durable and affordable storage solutions like Tool Cabinets & Chests, Tool Trolley Carts, Sawhorses & Workbenches, Oil Drainers and Diesel Caravan Heaters.

Experience organized and clutter-free surroundings today and purchase one of our many storage solutions options.