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Air Fryers

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Tired of having oily, unhealthy food for breakfast, lunch or dinner? EuroChef Air Fryers serve as healthy alternatives to conventional deep fried cooking. Now, you can easily enjoy the great taste of fried food without the guilt, and more importantly, with less fat. Aside from frying, they are also best for steaming, roasting, defrosting, broiling and baking food.

As a healthy way of cooking food, EuroChef Air Fryers make use of high speed air cycling technology to produce consistent air flow. Not only will fat be reduced by as much as 80 percent, it will also result in an evenly cook food. Ideal for frozen foods, it conveniently eliminates the need to defrost before frying.

Unlike other brands, EuroChef Air Fryers are designed to address the demands of everyday cooking. These durable and dependable kitchen appliances are available in 2.2L, 3L and massive 13L capacities. The designs are elegant, making them easy additions to any kind of modern, contemporary kitchen.

EuroChef Air Fryers help you avoid unhealthy saturated fats by producing crisp, moist food without using large amounts of oil. Because of the dishwasher safety feature, they are much easier to clean and maintain than traditional deep fryers. For added safety, they have cool-touch handles and automatic shut-off feature with ready alert.

Other great things to love about these air fryers include the food separator for simultaneous cooking different foods, quiet cycling which produces no noise disturbances, and the convenient built-in timers.

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Enjoy great-tasting and healthy air-fried food everyday. Order a EuroChef Air Fryer today!


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