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Food Waste Disposer

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Introducing the Protege Food Waste Disposer, a simple, practical and efficient way to get rid of food waste. With just one flip of the switch, you can grind food scraps and leftovers into tiny bits and decrease the amount of total waste. That’s saving money required for labour and hauling.|

The Protege Food Waste Disposer is run by a powerful 370W motor that easily decimates food waste for easy removal via the sewerage system. Now, you won’t have to worry about scraps rotting in your garbage bin. It operates seamlessly and quietly with the latest noise-reduction and overload protection technology. Instantly get rid of smelly fish heads, chicken bones, melon rinds, vegetable scraps and prawn shells.

The Protege Food Waste Disposer comes with a generous 1.2L chamber. Its two-way action grinds food waste to particles as small as 2mm. Furthermore, this environmentally friendly food disposal unit is compact enough and can fit discreetly right under the sink. Thanks to its no hassle operation, this product is easy to use and maintain.

With three-point locking alloy heads, the secure installation of the Protege Food Waste Disposer is guaranteed. It is suitable for every household or user because of its dishwasher compatibility. It also comes with a stainless-steel power button, a plug and a food scrap pusher to complete the package. Designed for maximum efficiency, this product can indeed save you both time and money.

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Keep your kitchen healthy, clean and odour-free. Order a Protege Food Waste Disposer today!


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