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Portable Air Conditioners

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7 Product(s)

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Buy portable air conditioner and mitigate the heat problem in your home conveniently! We offer a wide selection of portable aircon for homeowners and renters—or anybody who wants to beat the Australian heat.

Here in Mytopia, you can buy portable air conditioner with bio-design, which is suitable for different room types. It keeps the bedrooms, living rooms, office areas and workstations among other spaces cool all day long. That would surely relieve you from stress caused by hot environment. In other words, when you buy portable air conditioner, expect to increase your productivity and relaxation anytime.

Also, buy the best portable air conditioner from us today and enjoy discounts! Simply check the product page and spot the discount code. Moreover, Mytopia covers all Bio-Designed portable air conditioners under a 12-month warranty for private household use.

Bio-designed portable AC offers 4 fascinating perks. These make it the best portable air conditioner type today.

  1. It will keep you cool through unpredictable weather patterns and extreme temperatures. Integrated portable air cooler and heating systems will shield you even from the summer heat and winter frost.

  2. The built-in oscillating fan has 3-speed settings which is great if you want to relax with blowing air. A simple electric fan means lesser energy usage than air conditioners too.

  3. The unit also comes with a dehumidifier to pull moisture from the air in your room. Then, it would release it away through a window exhaust kit. Note that moist air means hotter air, so dehumidifiers make a room quite cooler too.

  4. Buy portable air conditioners and you’d experience excellent transport and storage. So, you can make any room in your home cooler by simply moving the unit to and fro. This is probably the biggest advantage that you can’t get from a traditionally installed AC system.

Aside from portable AC units, Mytopia also offers other machines like portable evaporative air coolers to fill your heating and cooling needs. We sell blenders, fridges and freezers, portable and commercial ice makers, as well as gas and electric heaters among other products. These are all available online at Mytopia today.

Mytopia is a leading lifestyle store operating in Australia. We offer quality items for household, health and fitness, gardening, camping, beauty and office supplies, among many other products. We also promise fast and convenient delivery services anywhere in Australia—from the big cities to the outback. Shop conveniently at Mytopia today!

So, if you want to buy portable air conditioner, be sure to make your orders on Mytopia today! Mytopia offers the best portable aircon Australia has today, plus you’d get big discounts upon purchase. You’d experience smooth and easy shopping transaction as well. Buy now before time runs out!

Portable Air Conditioners We Offer

Mytopia offers a wide selection of portable air conditioning unit—each sporting different specifications and features. Although they generally help   in keeping you feel cozy all day, these features makes them do it quite differently. So, you should buy portable air conditioner that suits your preferences and needs well.

Here are few of the available units:

  • CARSON 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner — Dehumidifier, Fan, Cooler and Aircon (15000 BTU)

  • Carson portable air conditioner — Mobile Fan Cooler, Dehumidifier and Wi-Fi Aircon

  • CARSON Portable Air Conditioner – Mobile Fan, Cooler and Dehumidifier (16000BTU)

  • CARSON 4in1 Portable Air Conditioner Reverse Cycle Heater and Dehumidifier (21,000BTU)

  • CARSON 4in1 Portable Air Conditioner – Mobile Fan and Cooler (14000BTU)

Comfort that Portable Air Conditioners Provide

Yes, traditional air conditioners and thermostats offer more power in cooling or heating a room. But these machines come with tedious installation and maintenance. Not mentioning the instances when you can’t or it’s impractical to install one, such as when you’re only staying in a rental for a few months. That’s when portable air conditioners come in the picture.

These are smaller units which are equipped with cooling, heating and dehumidifying features in one. Their portability is something to marvel about as well, since you can easily transfer them from one spot to another. Some even acts as portable evaporative cooler units at home. That means when you buy portable air conditioner, you’d enjoy convenient comfort for cooler days, without any hassle for setting up.

Portable Air Conditioners in Australia today

Traditional and split air conditioners are the premium choices of cooling systems in Australia. That goes with the rest of the world as well. But these past years, many Australians choose portable aircon Australia offers because of its handy benefits. Yes, it offers lesser power than traditional units, but its portability is something people loves.

That’s why more and more brand develops portable AC units with unique features. CARSON, for example, offers portable AC unit with built-in fan, heater and dehumidifier. Mytopia has come and offers fascinating deals for convenient purchases too. So, Australians can buy portable air conditioner units suitable for their personal needs and preferences right away!

Mytopia Offers a Range of Portable Air Conditioners on Australia’s Best Price Rates

With the growing demand of portable air conditioners in Australia, Mytopia decides to meet it up! Here you can purchase different portable air conditioners with unique features. If you want to deal with heat and cold in one, buy portable air conditioner with cooling and heating system. If you think a cooler is too cold, a unit with a simple fan would help.

Mytopia offers a wide range of portable air conditioners at reasonable price rates. Moreover, discount codes are available to save up to 20% off! You can also enjoy great warranty deals, which is up to 12 months for private household usage. That’s certainly great shopping for great but cheap portable air conditioner units today!

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