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  • 3.5L Air Humidifier
    Mytopia Mytopia

    3.5L Air Humidifier

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  •   Ioniser Plasma Air Purifier
    Simtech Simtech

    Ioniser Plasma Air Purifier

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Feel at ease and breathe easier with Simtech and Mytopia Air Purifiers, exclusively available online on Mytopia. Perfect for people suffering from allergies and asthma and for those looking to reduce second-hand cigarette smoke in the air. Breathe clean, quality air in with a Simtech and Mytopia Air Purifier.

Eliminate unwanted odours and bacteria from your airspace with the Simtech Ionizer. Built of handmade glassware and a European minimalist design, your Simtech Air Purifier will fit in any room. The high-pressure discharge of ions makes airborne particles fall to the floor, cleansing your air of harmful gases and other particulates. Easy to maintain and with a calming blue glow, the Simtech Ionizer is a must for anyone looking to breathe easy again.

Splash some humidified air into your life with a Mytopia Air Humidifier. With a capacity of 3.5L, the air humidifier will continue to feed the air with moisture so you can sleep easy all night. Perfect for anyone seeking relief from sinus congestion, the flu, eczema, asthma, and dry skin, the air humidifier is a sound addition to any home.

For all your heating and cooling needs, Mytopia also offers a wide range of affordable Air Conditioners, Heaters, Fridges and Ice Makers. All Simtech and Mytopia Air Purifiers are backed by an Australian standard 12-month warranty for private household use. Mytopia guarantees fast and easy delivery anywhere, whether you’re in Sydney or the Outback.

Buy a Simtech and Mytopia Air Purifier today and breathe easy again.

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