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Platform Scales

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Known for their accuracy, reliability and strength, Euro-Chef Industrial Platform Scales are built for use in tough environments. Tested in harsh environments, they are guaranteed to help improve your business with their highly precise sensors. Available in 150kg and 300 kg capacities, you can easily depend on these scales to give you the right answer whatever you need to weigh.

There are so much to like about Euro-Chef Industrial Platform Scales. Quick, intuitive and completely nitpicker-proof, each unit is equipped with a 99-item accumulation memory. You don’t have to worry about counting ever again. The solid platform is waterproof so measuring wet items is never a problem. Use them to measure just about anything, from drums and barrels, to skids and pallets.

The Euro-Chef Industrial Platform Scale is the perfect companion for people who work at warehouses, vet clinics or fruit markets. Equipped with a spacious platform, a single charge can last for 40 hours straight. Built for busy commercial environments, the keyboard is oil and waterproof to eliminate any concerns about bumps or spills.

Euro-Chef Industrial Platform Scales are adaptable to a wide range of environments and applications for almost any conceivable requirement or capacity. The large stainless steel base is designed to accommodate even bulky items. Each unit can store up to six unit prices. The backlit LCD display is easy to read. Suitable for many applications, the scales have an automatic shutdown feature that saves power when not in use.

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Get accurate readings as you need them. Purchase a Euro-Chef Industrial Platform Scale today!

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